Ceiling Fan co’s new #IoT business model. Bravo! But…

So a controller that communicates to a hardware dongle, to communicate with proprietary software is not really ideal and very “locked-in”.

However, it does seem interesting that an ‘old’ ceiling fan company (Hunter) is implementing a strategy to change their business model to compete. Bravo!

However, lets consider core competencies. It appears that if a company wanted to make such a shift – perhaps they should think this through a little more – talk to some experts that can help build new hardware and software strategy to compliment their core business and competencies in a way that is scalable. It looks like this attempt will be DoA based on the early feedback (and really disappointing comments posted by buyers on the vendors’ product site #socialmediabackfire)

Just because it (the thermostat and app) is not on “the internet” is not so bad – but the company has created quite a few barriers for itself and may be having more customer support issues than if they would have used the infrastructure already in peoples homes, and other more mature and open standards – and also opened it up to a developer ecosystem.

I assume the goal for the company is to sell more “environment quality” products – and not so much into hardware and software development & support – and all that goes with that.

A thing the Internet of Things doesnt need. [NETWORK WORLD]

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