Cloud only a start of a major new trend #iot

[Cloud computing] …just a small part of a much bigger trend that encompasses the Internet of Things. The world is moving from a concept of computing being the center of attention to communicating computers and everything that entails. It has to do with sensors driving data to computers, about the intelligent usage of huge amounts of data to create knowledge or intelligence and to use that to drive modern factories, power distribution and even deliver to us ever more useful smart phones and autonomous cars.

Series of classes titled “Intelligent Embedded Systems for the New Era of Industrial Apps”. 30 minute lecture followed by a chat session.

November 2630 at noon ET, 9am PST

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The cloud is just the start of a major new trend | EDN.

Google Glass: Wearable Tech’s Killer App?

The glasses themselves may not be the “killer app” – but certainly a part of new wave of “killer apps” to come…

Now can we opensource the fashion part? Why? … The Oakley Airwave is an example of a similar thing – but in ski-goggle form factor.

What other specialized eyewear that could benefit from heads-up data + augmented reality can you think of?

MAKE | Google Glass: Wearable Tech’s Killer App?.

AR Visualization of Skateboard Movements w iPod Touch

Skateboarding is a great spectator sport, watching pros flip about and ollie a half pipe or whatever it is they do, they make it look so easy—but behind all those totally rad moves lies a ton of motion data that’s just itching to be turned into sweet, sweet visuals.

via Creating Sweet Visuals From Skateboard Movements Using An iPod Touch | The Creators Project.