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Google Glass: Wearable Tech’s Killer App?

The glasses themselves may not be the “killer app” – but certainly a part of new wave of “killer apps” to come…

Now can we opensource the fashion part? Why? … The Oakley Airwave is an example of a similar thing – but in ski-goggle form factor.

What other specialized eyewear that could benefit from heads-up data + augmented reality can you think of?

MAKE | Google Glass: Wearable Tech’s Killer App?.

AR Visualization of Skateboard Movements w iPod Touch

Skateboarding is a great spectator sport, watching pros flip about and ollie a half pipe or whatever it is they do, they make it look so easy—but behind all those totally rad moves lies a ton of motion data that’s just itching to be turned into sweet, sweet visuals.

via Creating Sweet Visuals From Skateboard Movements Using An iPod Touch | The Creators Project.

Old Ambient Informatics Weblog?

The original Ambient Informatics weblog and website are archived here:

  • Original Ambient Informatics Website
  • Original Ambient Informatics Blog

It was started in 2002, using Radio by Userland Software by Dave Winer.

Radio was a great product because it kept all of your information locally and pushed updates out to the webserver only as needed. It also had a great feed-reader that made it very easy to “click to post” something you discovered in another RSS feed.

What that meant was that everything worked very fast – locally, and all your ISP had to do was display HTML files. No fancy scripts or anything had to be running ‘up there’.

Oh, well – working on getting things up and running again with WordPress.

Thanks Dave!