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Augmented Reality: Legal, Consent, Disclosure, & Privacy Issues

Navigating the Legal Pitfalls of Augmented Reality – [Mashable]

In the past year, augmented reality (AR) has moved beyond a sci-fi novelty to a credible marketing tool for brands and retailers. Tech analyst firm Juniper Research estimates that AR apps will generate close to $300 million in global revenue next year.

Augmented Reality: Lenses, Brainwaves, and the Future

Four Perspectives On Augmented Reality And Its Future | TechCrunch

  • Computer Vision: “…will be used to make real-world environments computationally interactive and fun”
  • Brainwaves: “…allows the computer system to do a better job of presenting contextually aware overlays”
  • Future: “…think of kids growing up with this tech … virtual kick-me sign … AR+social permissions”

Microsoft Patent shows device similar to Google Glass

The patent describes a tool that’s designed for use in specific situations where it’ll be most relevant to a user – rather than being intended for all-day use, the way that Google seems to want to position Glass

via Microsoft Patent Shows It’s Working On A Google Glass Type Device Of Its Own | TechCrunch.

Google Glass: Wearable Tech’s Killer App?

The glasses themselves may not be the “killer app” – but certainly a part of new wave of “killer apps” to come…

Now can we opensource the fashion part? Why? … The Oakley Airwave is an example of a similar thing – but in ski-goggle form factor.

What other specialized eyewear that could benefit from heads-up data + augmented reality can you think of?

MAKE | Google Glass: Wearable Tech’s Killer App?.

AR Visualization of Skateboard Movements w iPod Touch

Skateboarding is a great spectator sport, watching pros flip about and ollie a half pipe or whatever it is they do, they make it look so easy—but behind all those totally rad moves lies a ton of motion data that’s just itching to be turned into sweet, sweet visuals.

via Creating Sweet Visuals From Skateboard Movements Using An iPod Touch | The Creators Project.