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Fascinating: the “Industrial Internet” – GE offering X-Prize style #innovation challenges #iot

GE Industrial Internet Quests – Innovation Challenges




Augmented Reality: Lenses, Brainwaves, and the Future

Four Perspectives On Augmented Reality And Its Future | TechCrunch

  • Computer Vision: “…will be used to make real-world environments computationally interactive and fun”
  • Brainwaves: “…allows the computer system to do a better job of presenting contextually aware overlays”
  • Future: “…think of kids growing up with this tech … virtual kick-me sign … AR+social permissions”

Ceiling Fan co’s new #IoT business model. Bravo! But…

So a controller that communicates to a hardware dongle, to communicate with proprietary software is not really ideal and very “locked-in”.

However, it does seem interesting that an ‘old’ ceiling fan company (Hunter) is implementing a strategy to change their business model to compete. Bravo!

However, lets consider core competencies. It appears that if a company wanted to make such a shift – perhaps they should think this through a little more – talk to some experts that can help build new hardware and software strategy to compliment their core business and competencies in a way that is scalable. It looks like this attempt will be DoA based on the early feedback (and really disappointing comments posted by buyers on the vendors’ product site #socialmediabackfire)

Just because it (the thermostat and app) is not on “the internet” is not so bad – but the company has created quite a few barriers for itself and may be having more customer support issues than if they would have used the infrastructure already in peoples homes, and other more mature and open standards – and also opened it up to a developer ecosystem.

I assume the goal for the company is to sell more “environment quality” products – and not so much into hardware and software development & support – and all that goes with that.

A thing the Internet of Things doesnt need. [NETWORK WORLD]

Microsoft Patent shows device similar to Google Glass

The patent describes a tool that’s designed for use in specific situations where it’ll be most relevant to a user – rather than being intended for all-day use, the way that Google seems to want to position Glass

via Microsoft Patent Shows It’s Working On A Google Glass Type Device Of Its Own | TechCrunch.

Cloud only a start of a major new trend #iot

[Cloud computing] …just a small part of a much bigger trend that encompasses the Internet of Things. The world is moving from a concept of computing being the center of attention to communicating computers and everything that entails. It has to do with sensors driving data to computers, about the intelligent usage of huge amounts of data to create knowledge or intelligence and to use that to drive modern factories, power distribution and even deliver to us ever more useful smart phones and autonomous cars.

Series of classes titled “Intelligent Embedded Systems for the New Era of Industrial Apps”. 30 minute lecture followed by a chat session.

November 2630 at noon ET, 9am PST

To sign up, click here

The cloud is just the start of a major new trend | EDN.

Google Glass: Wearable Tech’s Killer App?

The glasses themselves may not be the “killer app” – but certainly a part of new wave of “killer apps” to come…

Now can we opensource the fashion part? Why? … The Oakley Airwave is an example of a similar thing – but in ski-goggle form factor.

What other specialized eyewear that could benefit from heads-up data + augmented reality can you think of?

MAKE | Google Glass: Wearable Tech’s Killer App?.