About Ambient Informatics

Ambient Informatics diagram from 2002


The way that information systems are designed, developed, and implemented is about to undergo a transformation in methodology and scope. Ambient Informatics is pioneering this new systems design approach.

Rather than confined to the development of centralized software applications and dedicated user interfaces, new Ambient (pervasive, ubiquitous) computing systems will involve real-time, real-world information from distributed sensor networks (sensors, RFID readers, cameras, automation controllers, etc.) to deliver better quality information about assets, inventory, location, status, and other critical data.

On the other side of the equation, humans need better ways to interpret and understand this ever-increasing amount of data. Since it is no longer necessary to remain confined to a desktop, this information must be delivered to people when and where they can benefit from it – through “data wall” projections, interactive touchscreens, mobile devices…and even specialized displays like wireless-digital price tags!

Only when a system is designed, developed, and deployed in a holistic, closed-loop fashion between the real world of smart objects and applications…and in a way that is understandable and actionable for humans and organizations to be successful…will this new frontier of systems design become a reality.


Research and develop systems design and technology frameworks that will:

  1. Efficiently and reliably collect real-time information from the environment, combine with additional information services, and make that information accessible to multiple software, automation, and control systems.
  2. Organize, design, and display critical data-dashboard information to enhance human visibility, understanding, and responsiveness.

Deliver unique solutions for:

  • Security
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Retailing
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The following research areas are interesting enough, but the scope of this project is to define and demonstrate how they will all work together in a single system.

This is a truly interdisciplinary endeavor, bringing together research in:

Automated Data Collection

  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Auto Identification (RFID)
  • Autonomous Robotics
  • Electronic Product Codes (EPC)

Intelligent Environments

  • Home and Building Automation
  • Technology in Architecture, Environmental, and Interior Design

Infrastructure Technologies

  • Distributed, Grid Computing
  • Workflow and Process Management
  • Rich Media User Interfaces
  • Web Services
  • P2P Services
  • Automation Controllers

Displays and Devices

  • Digital Signage
  • Electronic Price Tags
  • “Data-Wall” Projections and Displays
  • “Point-of-X” Touchscreens
  • Mobile Devices (Data Collection, Applications, Data Display)

Systems Design/Development Methodologies

  • Visualization and Interaction Design
  • Software Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Interior Design
  • AV/Automation Systems Design
  • Smart Facilities and Workplaces
  • Codes and Quality Assurance
  • Standards Bodies
  • Systems Design/Development Tools
  • Sustainability

About Us

Robb Bush – Founder and Editor @robb2u

A creative technologist, designer, and inventor – Robb Bush has spent the last 20+ years defining and delivering innovative applications based on emerging, leading-edge technologies.

Robb is the inventor of 3D visualization methods for representing distributed Supply Chain and Logistics networks with interactive data (US Patents #6486899, 6947905, 6577304).

Robb studied Industrial Design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California; Communication Arts at East Texas State University; and BA plus continued Graduate work in Aesthetics at the University of Texas.