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The Easiest And Most Comfortable Way To Explore Outback Australia This Summer

Whether you are part of Australia's growing tribe of grey nomads or you are fresh out of school and looking to take a gap year to fully engage with the country you have heard so much about, everyone can agree that making the trip as comfortable as possible is perhaps the most important element in your planning phase. After all, Australia is a huge and sparsely populated country, which means that if you intend to traverse it, you should expect to be without access to many of the luxuries people enjoy in the big cities on the coast. If you are after the maximum comfort at an affordable price, then there is only one answer: hybrid caravans.

What Is A Hybrid Caravan?

While traditional caravans have a mostly rigid design that combines both the vehicle and living space, a hybrid caravan is an external, tow-able trailer that is completely independent. When you are ready to stop for the night, you simply park and set your hybrid caravan up for the night, usually by raising the pop-top, extending any side rooms and setting up the kitchen area. This gives you all the comforts of a caravan with all the maneuverability of a portable tent that you might throw in the boot. 

Why Not Just Get A Regular Caravan?

There are two distinct benefits when choosing a hybrid caravan. Firstly, the hybrid caravan is generally a cheaper option as you still need to have a vehicle to drive it. The second reason is a byproduct of the first: because you can tow it, you are able to go into much rougher terrain than you would be able to with almost any caravan. The fact that your future hybrid caravan is detached from your car is a feature, not an unfortunate side effect. If you really want to explore and be ready for all the outback has to offer, then you can't go past a hybrid caravan.

Additional Features

While every hybrid caravan is different, there are a few features that you will find in almost all of them, including a bed, a kitchen and additional storage space for your camping gear. But that is just the tip of the hybrid caravan iceberg as you can find versions with indoor toilets, showers, space for four or more people to sleep, and additional living areas. Of course, they also tend to come with modern luxuries like fridges, power points, air conditioning and indoor plumbing. It is up to you how you want your hybrid caravan customised and how big your budget is; just remember you may end up regretting not getting more when you are a few weeks into your tour of the outback!