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Why Are Synthetic Tennis Courts So Popular?

Whether you are talking about the playing surfaces at tennis clubs or a private tennis court at a residential property, synthetic grass is becoming increasingly popular. Synthetic grass tennis courts are often preferred to traditional natural grass ones as well as hard court surfaces. Since the plastics that synthetic grasses are made from have become increasingly sophisticated, the take-up of tennis courts made from them has gone up. Why is it that professionals and amateur players like to play on them?

Very Even Bounce

When players are training and trying to improve their game, the predictability of the bounce of a ball can make all the difference. An even bounce helps to improve shot selection and the ability to develop skills like putting spin on the ball in given situations. You get an even bounce with a hard court, of course, but this is not always the case with clay courts and natural grass ones. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass does not offer an inconsistent bounce where the grass has worn down. They don't need to be rolled to keep the bounce even, either – something which offers a distinct advantage over clay courts.

Low Impact

Hard courts are virtually maintenance free but they often take their toll on your ankles and knees. They are also fairly unforgiving if you lose your footing and slip over returning a ball. Synthetic grass in softer underfoot, just like natural grass. What's more, it will mean being able to turn and twist with a greater degree of confidence that you won't lose your footing or put your lower limb joints under excessive strain.

Low Maintenance

You have to do very little to keep a synthetic grass tennis surface in mint condition and ready to be played on. In many cases, they are completely maintenance-free. The most you might need to do to look after yours is to sweep off any leaves that happen to fall onto the court during the autumn period. Other than that, there's nothing to do.


So long as a synthetic grass court is installed by a professional team who have made the right sort of substrate for the playing surface to sit on, it will drain within minutes. This is great for tennis clubs which want to see players out there using the facilities rather than waiting for them to dry. Natural grass courts and hard playing surfaces can end up with standing water which needs to evaporate before you can play on them. This is not the case with synthetic surfaces which are fast to drain.