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A Guide to Boat Hire

Marine services include a range of boat-related leisure activities. Marine services consist of boating, diving, kite and windsurfing, water skiing, paddle craft, personal watercraft and tow-in surfing. Hiring a boat can offer a great day out. You can hire a boat typically by the hour or day. There are different types of boats that you can hire. There are tinnies, vessels, tow-and-go boats or boat charters.


Tinnies feature an outboard motor. They are relatively simple to drive, and they do not tend to go at very high speeds, making them a safe option for small boating activities, such as fishing. You can generally stop your car, hire a tinny with your food or fishing supplies and go out on the water.


Vessels are generally more powerful and require the skipper to have a licence for operating the boat. These boats are more difficult to drive than tinnies and require that the driver has knowledge of safe boating procedures. Vessels allow you to sail further distances. They can also carry more passengers than tinnies.


Tow-and-go boats allow you to hire a boat and tow it to a different location. These boats vary in size and shape. Tow-and-go boats mean that you can hire a boat without having to worry if there is a boat hiring company in the place where you would like to sail.


Boat charters are a more expensive option. These are large boats which can be bareboat charters or liveaboard charters.

Boating licences

Licence requirements differ depending on location. Typically, the speed or power of the boat determines whether a licence is required. How you obtain a licence will also depend on your location. For example, you may need to participate in a boat safety course to obtain a licence or you may be required to have some practical boating experience and pass a knowledge test. Licences may be issued for a specific period of time, and they will need renewing when they expire.

Boat safety

Regardless of whether a licence is required, you should always follow boat safety rules when going out on a boat. Safety regulations vary depending on location. There are different safety procedures to follow depending on which type of boat you hire--ensure that you are aware of these before you sail. Some general rules include that you should always wear a lifejacket, you should not overload the boat and the boat should be equipped with safety equipment.