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Top Maintenance Tips for Your Trailer

A trailer is essential for most campers. Modern-day camper trailers provide extra storage space, accommodation and essential amenities such as a kitchen, a small living area and a washroom. If you own a trailer, below are several maintenance tips to ensure your trailer outlives you. 


Always clean the trailer after an expedition. Use a mild detergent and a cloth to wash the trailer. Use a ladder to access the roof. If you regularly go to the beach, ensure that you clean the trailer's underneath. Salt accumulation can expose your trailer to rust. You can polish the body with some wax to get a good shine. Do not forget the trailer's interior. Pests such as cockroaches can infest your trailer if you do not clean food particles.  Finally, if your trailer has awnings, ensure you clean them as well.


Service your trailer at regular intervals or before a long trip. The service plan should include:

  1. Brakes. These are a critical safety component. Change the brake pads or brake linings once they are worn out.
  2. The lubrication of all moving parts. This includes the ball hitch, winch and the tongue jack. At regular intervals, remove the tires and grease the wheel bearings.
  3. Tires. Always ensure that your tires have sufficient tread on them.
  4. Air conditioning. Ensure that you service the air conditioning system. Clogged air filters in the system could compromise its functionality. 


Store the trailer away from direct sun and rain. When exposed to hot weather for long, the trailer's paint could peel off. Water, on the other hand, could expose some components to corrosion. As such, store the trailer in a garage when it is not in use.

Regular inspection

Inspect the following areas:

  1. The roof for any cracks or tears. If you notice any leaks, repair the area immediately.
  2. Tyres. Before beginning any journey, ensure that the tyres have the right pressure. Tyres will lose pressure when you store the trailer for long.
  3. Electrical unit. All electrical units in your trailer should be fully functional. Ensure that the lights are working as well.

Holding Tanks

Most trailers have three tanks. The freshwater tank stores water for drinking, showering and cooking. The grey water tank holds water from the kitchen and shower. The black water tank holds toilet waste. Ensure that you empty the tanks regularly. Drain the black water tank at a recreational vehicle dump station. Besides, clean the tanks after draining the water to prevent foul smells on your trailer. 

Basic trailer maintenance includes cleanliness, proper storage, regular servicing, inspection and draining the holding tanks.