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Benefits of Enroling in a Volvo Penta Sales Academy as a Boat Dealer

If you are a boat dealer that deals in not only Volvo Penta boats, but also in Volvo Penta engine sales, then you may be looking for ways to boost your business. There are certain training sessions you can take that can help you with understanding the Volvo Penta engine parts and other parts better. However, one of the leading ways to boost your sales is to consider the Volvo Penta Sales Academy. Here are a few of the benefits to this option and how it can help you and your sales staff.

Knowledge of Current Upgrades 

One of the leading benefits of enrolling in a Volvo Penta sales academy is the ability to be trained on the new upgrades and trends in Volvo Penta sales, Volvo Penta engine sales and parts. By having this knowledge, you will have an edge over other engine sales and repair locations that may not know about these upgrades. You can also make suggestions during an engine sale or repair that can benefit the customer for years to come rather than going with the traditional repair or sale that could have them spending more over the long term than necessary.

Extended Parts Training

As a boat dealer or representative for Volvo Penta engine sales, you may know some of the parts that relate to the Penta line. What you may not know are new parts or extended parts lines that can help with repairs and maintenance of current engines. By enroling in the academy, you can gain this knowledge and have a greater network of the parts that can be sold and used in your dealership. You can also find out quickly if certain parts are no longer available or have been upgraded to new names and parts numbers.

Extended Products and Service Training

You may have current training in the parts and services you need. What you may not have is the ability to get new training as it comes out. The truth is, with an enrolment in Volvo Penta Sales Academy programs, you can get the extended product and service training to help further your business and boat sales. You will also get the training as it is made available rather than when you can access it at a later date.

These are just a few of the benefits for a boat dealer that deals in Volvo Penta engine sales and other parts or boat sales to enrol in a Volvo Penta Sales Academy. If this sounds like a good idea for your business and a way to expand your sales, contact your local sales academy representative. They can help with enrolment and with options for your sales staff as well.